Peg Desrochers

The mission of Leading Edge is to Inspire and Empower others to discover a new and healthier way of life  – and live it every day! 

In partnering with Zija Intl. we are able to offer the world’s best line of nutritional products while educating people all around the world about the amazing benefits of the “Natural Health Revolution”.                                 

It’s a Revolution!… not a movement or a trend.  We are passionate and purpose-driven in our efforts to help people worldwide who desire improved health and well-being, time and financial freedom, and a renewed sense of community.  Join us as we work to make our world a better place:  one person, one family, one community, one country at a time.

Zija’s product line is based on the plant Moringa oleifera, the world’s most nutrient dense botanical which is sited in more than 500 peer-reviewed articles, making Moringa the most studied “superfood” in the world.  We offer unparalleled nutrition from which everyone can benefit:

  • Core nutrition
  • Weight management,
  • Fitness supplementation
  • The only Clinical grade Essential Oils on the market.


Transform your life… and the lives of those around you.  Together we can truly make the world a better place!